Don’t Miss the 2015 Institute on Social Justice!

Have you registered for the 2015 Institute on Social Justice yet? The Institute on Social Justice is more than just a conference; it’s an opportunity to learn from experts in the field, to engage in facilitated critical dialogue with peers, and to take something back to your home campuses that will make a difference. It is open to college student educators at all levels who are interested in and committed to building healthy, diverse communities throughout the world. As one past participant put it, it’s a “great conference for practitioners and students who are interested in networking and learning more about social justice.”

The primary purpose of this institute is to build our collective responsibility to facilitate a living and learning environment for which we all strive, and to develop understanding and respect for each other. Toward that end, the institute will bring together national experts, scholars, and student affairs educators at all career levels, institutional types and functional areas. Institute participants will:

  1. Learn and/or refine ways to address the challenges of infusing social justice into their campus work with students and others;
  2. Increase their knowledge about assessing learning outcomes of social justice programs and services;
  3. Learn from others’ experiences through sessions that showcase examples of best practices from a variety of institutional types and functional areas;
  4. Increase their knowledge on the intersection of theory and practice in social justice education; and
  5. Network with college student educators from a variety of institutional types who are committed to learning and reflecting about implementing and enhancing social justice education programs
Eddie Moore, Jr., ISJ 2015 Featured Speaker

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. (Featured Speaker)

This year’s Institute will be held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, from Nov. 1-3. The featured speaker is Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Founder & Program Director for the White Privilege Conference (WPC) as well as founder of America & MOORE, LLC, an organization that provides comprehensive diversity, privilege and leadership trainings/workshops. The Institute also features Dialogue Group Facilitators who will guide you through the Institute’s workshops and lectures toward achieving the above learning outcomes.

The Institute on Social Justice provides participants with a unique opportunity to engage in social justice dialogue in order to effect change back at their respective campuses. It truly is for everyone:

“I recommend it to people in many areas of work with student affairs and student life in my institution! I saw first hand how much it benefited people who both work directly in social justice education as their full-time role and people who work more indirectly with it but infuse it into their daily work.”
– Past Institute Participant
If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity from ACPA, so register today. For more information, visit the ACPA website or contact the Institute coordinators at


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Reflections on #CharlestonShooting by Dre Domingue

Dear Colleagues,

I am holding multiple emotions just a few days shy of the ‪#‎CharlestonShooting‬ that took place at the AME church, taking the lives of nine people. I grew up in the South and spent my childhood hearing stories such as these from my grandfather. I never thought (perhaps naively) that I would be living in a time where this type of hate and violence would become a reality.

Like many of you I’m on a break from the academic year. This is typically a time where I rejuvenate and self-care as well as plan my campus work for the upcoming year. Unfortunately due to what feels like daily reports of violence and racism, I am regularly fatigued, frustrated and worried about the upcoming year. How will I be ready to support my students given all that is going on?

Also like many of you I’m in the middle of a job search process where I will likely be joining a new campus in a new position not only as a social justice educator, but also as a campus leader. As I interview for positions I am regularly asked to provide my vision of a socially just campus and/or how I plan to create change on a campus. In full transparency, it’s getting harder and harder to answer these questions.

Lastly, I am three months into my position as Chair for the Commission for Social Justice Educators. I feel that I, along with the Directorate, have a responsibility to you all to address incidents such as #CharlestonShooting as well as provide resources or spaces of dialogue. As a Commission we have been silent and I will take responsibility for that. We need to do better. We need to do more.

I want to open a line of communication for you to tell us as the Directorate leadership team, what is on your mind? What is it that you, your students or your campus need right now? How can CSJE be more of a support to you?

Feel free to write a comment below. You can also email us directly at

Dre Domingue, Ed.D.
Chair, Commission for Social Justice Educators

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