CSJE Awards Nominations are Live!

Be sure you take the time to recognize those who are doing wonderful work in regards to Social Justice. This is a great opportunity to let someone know their hard work and dedication to Social Justice work is not going unnoticed.


Silencing Words to Keep Personal Agendas? By: Semline Delva

Social Justice education should be thought of as a way to learn and inform ourselves on certain freedoms and privileges all persons should have in society. In a perfect society, the constitution of the United States would work for everybody; some may call this notion equality and/or equity.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a... Continue Reading →

Incorporating Microaffirmations in Student Affairs Practice, By Dallas Doane

I recently read a great piece on Inside Higher Ed shared by a friend on Twitter entitled, “3 Approaches for Confronting Microaggressions” by Tyrone Fleurizard. The piece focuses specifically on classroom occurrences of microaggressions but I think you will find the advice has broad applications for your professional practice and in your personal journey. In... Continue Reading →

White Women and Affirmative Action, By: Nicole Cozzi

There once was a tale where if one worked really hard, college and a well-paying job would be in the future.  Like many fairy tales the American Dream has been debunked. The ugly truth is the fight to have access and to graduate from a higher education institution has always been fought on an uneven... Continue Reading →

A Best Practice Wellness Intervention for All—Yes! For All, By: Angelica “Angie” Harris

Coaching has become incredibly trendy over the last few years. Most anyone we look up to either has worked with a coach in the past, or is doing so presently. Whether it is career coaching, academic coaching, or athletic coaching, students on campuses across the nation have experienced the benefits of coaching at some point... Continue Reading →

Collaging for Social Justice by Marcellus C. Taylor

The work of social justice requires a proclivity to situations of vulnerability and introspection. Often the discussion of social justice-related topics end in fatigue and further disagreements (Furman, 2012; Shields, 2010). Colleges and universities must develop engaging pathways that allow for an introductory conversation to the beauty and complexity of social justice. The methods of... Continue Reading →

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