I am the Prius of Parents by Stacey (BabySchup)

My brother calls me his Broster.

I am half-sister, half-brother. I am the natural neutral – able to talk Football, drink beer with the guys, talk about women with the guys, and still be a girl. I still have to go to girl things, like baby showers, bridal showers, and people assume me to participate in all things female. I’m the half-brother, half-sister. I am the Broster.

In regard to parenting, and my new role as a future parent, I have come up with a new name. I am going to be a Fother. I will be half-father, half-mother. A fother. In other terms, I have related this to being the hybrid of parents. I like all the things a heterosexual man likes (w/probably the same exclusions as other men). I am into all the stereotypes – sports, beer, good food, wine, talking about women, going to bachelor parties, cooking, being a sorta-dude, shop in the men’s section, working on fixing things (even though I am terrible at it), etc. I also don’t want to rip my eyes out of my sockets when I have to attend luncheons, baby showers, wine parties, bridal showers, think about being a woman, can only join women’s organizations, wear a wonderfully fitted suit, etc. I understand the female. I also understand the male (minus the little dangly thing between their legs). I’m the ultimate hybrid. I am the Prius of people. I am the natural neutral.

After my recent hospital tour, I decided I needed a new name for the hybrid. I couldn’t use parent, because that’s like using partner. I needed something jarring. I needed something with chutzpah. So, my wife and I went through some hybrid names.


  • Mopa
  • Mapa
  • Poma
  • Poms
  • Mada


  • Dom (while very close to gangsta’, it’s a little 50 shades)
  • Mad
  • Momadad


  • Mather
  • Fother (winner)

We picked it. Fother. I was going to be a fother. A Fo-ther to the people. I posted on Facebook to make it official. That’s when it happened. Someone finally came up with an even better name that may still be used behind the scenes or only with school officials.


I can see it now.

Teacher: Who are these two people?

Child on the first day of school: This is my mom and this is my MOFO.

Teacher: Ummmm


While I would love to use Mofo, fother is a little more subtle. People will do a slight double-take, but it still flows….even though Mofo will be used behind the scenes.

So, the working official hybrid name, for the Prius of parents, is “fother.” This broster will officially be a fother in June. I will be the best fother a hybrid parent can be. I will be all the stereotypical things I can be for this little thing. That’s all a child can officially ask for.

Originally Posted Feb. 5th, 2015 at https://babyschup.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/i-am-the-prius-of-parents/

Stacy is an LGBTQ future parent who is writing about the adventures, thoughts, and experiences of the next Schup Generation (unedited).

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  1. I love this way of thinking, open, free, honest, we are who we are, who could ask for more.

    On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Commission for Social Justice Educators


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