Five Tips for Raising Social Justice Awareness Via Online Social Media Hashtags by Jenny Korn

An initial step to bring justice to an issue is to draw attention to the issue.  In this blog, I focus on raising social awareness in public media campaigns that utilize online hashtags.  Drawing from experiential learning and past research, I provide five tips for social justice educators to use hashtags for their own causes.Conduct... Continue Reading →

Responding to #ACPA15: Just Send the Key by Z Nicolazzo

*Originally posted on* This past week ended in a bit of a blur for me. It started out harmlessly enough, with days full of course prep and teaching in the evenings. I even got to have lunch with my Aunt Mary, which was wonderful. However, things came to a head on Thursday. For those... Continue Reading →

Note from Blog Coordinators: Responding to #ACPA15

As active members of ACPA, we recognize and want to acknowledge that we too were effected by the recent mistake of our organization in relation to how they promoted Laverne Cox coming to speak at the upcoming conference in Tampa. We've been in conversations as blog coordinators about how to use our blog to engage... Continue Reading →

What Went Well: Reflections on Reflecting, by Rebecca Lehman and Brice Mickey

Rebecca: In the many years I worked in social justice education through the University of Cincinnati Racial Awareness Program (RAPP), I’ve been grateful to work with committed and passionate student workers and AmeriCorps Public Ally apprentices. All of these have worked both in co-facilitating educational dialogue programming as well as the administrative work necessary to... Continue Reading →

Seeking Sustenance and Solace: Making Art and Building Community by Elliott DeVore

Seeking Sustenance and Solace: Making Art and Building Community A million ideas about things to explore and academically dissect flooded my mind when I was approached to write a blog for the CSJE.  As a self proclaimed academic, I prided myself on the amount of abstract and disparate phenomena I began to weave together into... Continue Reading →

The Code of Higher Ed; Code switching to get ahead by Nathan Olmeda

Summer time is no vacation for Practitioners in Student Affairs. It is a time of preparation, transition, and most importantly reflection. I have recently been involved in multiple hiring processes that have caused me to reflect on my professional journey thus far, and what factors have contributed to its progression. This blog post is the... Continue Reading →

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