Discomfort Rather than Fear: A Reflection and Call to Action, By: Danny Foster

I’m uncomfortable. As I reflect on the incident that happened at the Philadelphia Starbucks just a few days ago, and the subsequent reactions, I continue to be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I am a queer, white, cis-male; I am from an educated middle-class family and I hold a graduate degree. I am one... Continue Reading →


Racial Justice: A Reflection on the Black Lives Matter Movement, By: Allison Hunter

I would like to start by expressing that this is simply my reflection on things I’ve seen recently surrounding the movement. I will also give the spoiler alert that I hope this causes you to rethink your involvement with your students and the community around you. Okay, so here goes. It feels as if no... Continue Reading →

More is More: Strategies for Including Gender Diverse Students; By: Elliott Kimball

I have a trained a lot of faculty and staff on how to be more thoughtful about LGBTQ+ identities, and more inclusive in their daily practice, yet one theme is always chief among their concerns: how do I work with and avoid offending transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse students? I find that most often their... Continue Reading →

Access and Racial Diversity: A Personal Story, By: Catherine Molleno

Let me set up the scene: It was a hot, humid September morning in 2007. I was moving in to my Residence Hall along with thousands of incoming freshmen. Both of my parents were with me to drop me off and to see where I will be in the next 10 months of my life.... Continue Reading →

Gender Identity Development Theory: Critiques and New Perspectives; By: Carson Williams

Gender identity development, while a relatively recent topic in student affairs and psychology, plays a great role in people's lives. Gender interacts considerably with many important aspects of life, including career paths, social barriers and opportunities, personal perceptions, and even the talents we choose to nurture, which makes it vital to the work of student... Continue Reading →

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