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Thank you for your interest in sharing your thoughts about social justice education through the CSJE Blog. At this moment we are not collecting and posting submissions as we take some time to re-imagine the blog for our membership (and many others who visit the blog).  Please contact the CSJE Blog Committee Lead, Nyocia Edwards ( if you have questions.

We ask that posts focus on any topic related to social justice education. Posts are accepted in a variety of formats (video, sound, image, etc.); however, we ask that traditional text posts be limited to no more than 1,500 words in length (the average is between 800 and 1200 words). For a complete list of guidelines, see the Author Guidelines below.

Not sure what you can contribute? Consider these guiding questions:

  • What has been on your mind lately in regards to social justice issues and higher education? 
  • What are some hot topics on your campus? 
  • How can we best support students during these times? 
  • What are some practitioner needs right now?
  • Reflections on current events, hot topics, books, or other things pertinent to Social Justice Education.

Feel free to browse through past posts for inspiration or consider writing on one of the following topics:

  • Minoritized student leadership development
  • Social activism on campuses
  • Presidential candidate platforms and their impact on higher education
  • Islamophobia on campus
  • Debates on gun carrying on campus
  • Affirmative Action and college admissions
  • Undocumented student access to and retention in college
  • Post-marriage equality laws and next steps for LGBT activism

Still unsure or want to run an idea by us before committing it to paper (or another format)? Contact us today, and we’ll gladly offer our assistance!

Author Guidelines

The Commission for Social Justice Education’s Blog is a sponsored publication of the American College Personnel Association. Contributions should provide information that is useful, relevant, and of interest to social justice educators who work within higher education. Ideas for topics might include new, innovative training techniques, summaries of new research, case studies, book reviews, or information on how social justice educators might address prominent social issues, such as supporting students from historically marginalized groups on predominantly white, heterosexual, middle class campuses. Creative, evocative, personal, and humorous yet thought-provoking content is appreciated.

Our members often have constraints on their time and therefore, we ask that submitted articles provide comprehensive information succinctly. This should include brief vibrant paragraphs, the avoidance of jargon and overly complicated terminology, clear and concise sentences, and when necessary, bulleted or listed items.

Authors are advised to consider the readership of the Commission for Social Justice Education in their submission(s). The use of language or content that has the potential to harm or adversely affect readers is discouraged.

Format and Length
Authors are encouraged to link to outside information and relevant resources when possible. Articles that formally cite outside references must be formatted according to APA guidelines, as set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Please be aware of the amount of references you choose to use and the length of the piece (less is often more in a short submission like this).

Traditional articles should be under 1,500 words and submitted in .doc or .docx format. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references, quotations, tables, and figures.

Editorial policy: We reserve the right to edit posts for length and/or clarity. Blog coordinators will review each post for copy edits and submit any substantial revision suggestions to the author. The decision to include any article is at the discretion of the Commission for Social Justice Educators’ Vice Chair for Social Media and ACPA governing bodies

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